Bulk Lookup Tool

There are many times when you simply need to run multiple lookups quickly or need information on a large data set. Maybe you're checking logs for a security breach, or checking DNS for a network migration, or maybe it's just a bad day where a bunch of customers get blacklisted. Regardless, wouldn't it be nice if MxToolbox offered you a way to run your queries in bulk?

We do now! Bulk lookups are part of our MxToolbox Professional toolset.

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Get Broad Domain Information in a Single Report


MxToolbox Bulk Lookup Tool provides a single report containing multiple data points on each domain you submit, giving you easy access to the most commonly needed information like:

  • IP Address
  • GeoLocation
  • AS Number
  • AS Name
  • Blacklist Status
  • Start of Authority
  • MX Records
  • Nameservers
  • Email Provider
  • DNS Provider

Starting at $80/month Sign Up Try the Lite Version


Bulk IP Information

Either input a list of IP addresses or the Bulk Lookup Tool will automatically extract IP addresses from your text and run multiple queries to give you insight into the IP. Running the Bulk Lookup Tool with IP addresses, your get:

  • ASN Owner Number
  • ASN Owner Name
  • IP Geo location
  • IP Blacklist Status
  • Reverse DNS

We even show you which blacklists the IP addresses are blacklisted by.

Starting at $80/month Sign Up Try the Lite Version

Integrated with the MxToolbox Professional UI

Bulk Lookups are available directly from the MxToolbox Professional UI. Switching to Bulk Lookup allows you to perform multiple individual lookups simultaneously for IP addresses or Domain names.

MxToolbox Bulk Lookup Tool simplifies many daily tasks, such as:

  • Parsing Traffic Logs
  • Investigating Security Issues
  • Developing Customer Profiles
  • Performing Risk Analysis

Whether you're looking up information on IP addresses or domains, the new Bulk Lookup Tool gives you the information you need.

Starting at $80/month Sign Up Try the Lite Version

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